Close-up on Graphene and MesoGraf™Xide

Since two British scientists used a piece of adhesive tape to isolate single layers of graphene  from a block of graphite in 2004, researchers the world over have turned their attention to graphene, a disruptive material that is transforming diverse industrial fields due to the exceptional physical properties and chemical versatility it exhibits. The outstanding properties of graphene are also sought after in the biomedical field for medical uses.

Around the globe, graphene is being considered for a number of biological applications, including as carriers for drug and gene delivery, biological sensing and imaging, antibacterial materials and biocompatible scaffold for cell culture.

With its MesoGraf™Xide platform, Calevia believes it will lead the field of thermal therapy by offering a new modality of treatment that takes advantage of graphene’s known beneficial qualities and cancer site-specific molecular targeting.



  • Graphene is a two-dimensional material and the basic building block of the mineral graphite.
  • Composed of pure carbon, with atoms arranged in a regular hexagonal pattern, graphene is stronger than steel and thinner than hair — stacking three million graphene sheets on top of one another, it would be a mere 1 mm thick.
  • Graphene is a superb thermal and electrical conductor, and chemically, it can be functionalized to modify its properties, with many potential uses — from electronic devices to solar cells to medicine.
  • Graphene is intrinsically biocompatible.
  • Graphene has intrinsic NIR optical absorbance and a high 2D-related value for high thermal conductivity, efficient heat generation and transfer.
  • Two British scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010 for their graphene research.



  • MesoGraf™Xide is a trademark graphene oxide produced from raw, unprocessed graphite ore.
  • MesoGraf™Xide is a derivative of MesoGraf™, a suite of economically scalable graphene products that can be tailored to both industrial and commercial applications. MesoGraf™ sets the global standard for reliable, economically scalable and producible graphene.
  • MesoGraf™Xide is the key component in Calevia’s new photothermal cancer therapy platform.
  • MesoGraf™Xide is photo-responsive and plays the role of transforming near-infrared (NIR) light into heat to kill cancer cells.


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