How it works

  1. Molecular targeting of cancer:
    A cancer specific antibody-MesoGraf™Xide bio-conjugate is injected intravenously to the patient’s bloodstream. The antibody recognizes the selected cancer cell bio-marker and guides the associated graphene payload in the bloodstream to the cancer site. The bio-conjugate accumulates in the tumor mass, selectively binding the cancer cells. The remaining material is cleared of normal tissues.

  2. Near-infrared laser activation:
    A beam of harmless NIR light, operated outside the body, is directed to the cancer area or is inserted as a probe in the tumor mass. The light penetrates biological tissue deeply and safely, reaching the tumor-loaded MesoGraf™Xide bio-conjugate. The graphene compound absorbs the light energy and transforms it into heat.

  3. Thermal destruction of tumor:
    The nano-material MesoGraf™Xide kills cancer cells by transforming the absorbed NIR light energy into heat. The locally elevated temperature causes stress to cancer cells, leading to irreversible coagulative necrosis of cancerous tissue. We believe the selective binding and focal heat to cancer cells will spare the healthy cells.