Molecular targeting

Molecular targeting is a strategy based on the unique molecular signature of a cancer cell. This approach uses agents designed to recognize the cancer signature (an anti-PSMA antibody for prostate cancer, for example) in order to selectively deliver a chosen payload or interfere with a key cell survival determinant.

What happens when you combine molecular targeting technologies with graphene-derivative payload MesoGraf™Xide to create a designer bio-conjugate? We believe you get a disruptive cancer therapy tool that can redefine the way solid tumors are treated.

When injected intravenously, the antibody guides the photo-activable, heat-generating MesoGraf™Xide payload to the heart of the tumor, selectively to cancer cells. Applied near-infrared (NIR) light penetrates biological tissue deeply and safely, reaching the targeted payload. The MesoGraf™Xide absorbs the light energy and transforms it into heat, killing the cancer cells without interfering with surrounding healthy tissues and structures.

For patients, Calevia’s bio-conjugates will offer a strong therapeutic alternative to current treatments for focal therapy, i.e. surgery, radiotherapy.