Calevia’s thermal therapy platform for the treatment of solid tumors is being developed based on these proven assumptions:

  1. That a tumor-specific antibody can recognize, and selectively bind to, cancer cells in vivo.
  2. That graphene possesses intrinsic photothermal properties.

We are using this knowledge to take two great ideas and combine them into one. The result will be a designer bio-conjugate that aims to harness the power of tumor-targeting compounds and the heat generation capacity of MesoGraf™Xide, a photo-responsive graphene material.

MesoGraf™Xide, Calevia’s platform key component, was designed to transform harmless and tissue-penetrating near-infrared (NIR) light into heat causing irreversible tissue damage in a non-invasive, non-pharmacological manner. Concentrated selectively in cancer foci due an attached molecular specific ligand, our intelligent bio-conjugate would aim to kill cancer cells while sparing healthy tissues.

Current hyperthermia treatments are almost always used with other forms of cancer therapy, such as radiation therapy and chemotherapy, and use different types of external energy sources to apply heat — such as microwave, radiofrequency and ultrasound — all of which are highly dependent on operator skills and sophisticated instruments. We believe our therapy will redefine and simplify the way solid tumors are treated.

Calevia’s novel targeted photothermal therapy is designed to offer a new tool for the focal eradication of various types of solid cancers, from deeply seated tumors to odd-shape masses. We expect our treatment would be performed on an outpatient basis and would require no surgery, no radiation and no chemotherapy. The heat therapy also offers the advantage of non-interference with the patient’s pre- or post-treatment plans, adding to its non-invasive benefits.

Because the tumor treatment area is highly selective and targeted with molecular precision, we believe we can save healthy adjacent tissues and structures while eradicating the diseased cancer cells. For the patient, the anticipated end result is fewer side-effects and complications after the tumor’s targeted elimination, bringing an unprecedented elevated level of care that is currently not available with traditional therapies.

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